Our Tokens only on BSC







The only soaking system and best passive yield farm on Binance Smart Chain.


Sponge.finance exchange is an AMM that allows you to swap between 2 tokens on the Binance Smart Chain.

Sponge Token

The tokenomic of the Sponge Token

  • Max Supply is 100k $SPG
  • 80% of max supply will be emitted over 2 months by a Tenet liquidity Tap on bsc.tenet.farm
  • 10% to provide initial liquidity with 50 BNB
  • 10% kept by the team for events and further dev. Expect fun and huge rewards !

High passive yield token that absorbs token from other transactions !

The percentage of $SPG absorbed is calculated by the percentage that you own among holders. This is the best passive yield possible !

Read more about the SPG on the Sponge Medium Post.

Soak Token

The tokenomic of the Soak Token

  • No max Supply !
  • 1 token per block emit on our DAPP.
  • Initial liquidity is 50 BNB for 15000 SOAK !
  • 2% of every transactions are sent to the Soak contract and will be used to Soak the Sponge !
  • Planned burn and emission regulation later.

Read more about the Soak on the Soak Medium Post.

Steam Token

The tokenomic of the Steam Token

  • No max supply
  • There is no emission on STEAM, to MINT the compute is Soak amount ÷ Steam Total supply × 20000
  • Initial liquidity is 150 BNB for 20000 Steam !
  • 0 Steam kept by Team !

Read more about the Steam on the Steam Medium Post.